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UCBCares associates are healthcare professionals (nurses and pharmacists) and experienced customer care specialists, specially trained on UCB products and disease states, product safety and quality, and financial assistance.
Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

UCB offers several financial assistance programs to help those patients that qualify lower the cost of obtaining their medications.

If you are a patient taking BRIVIACT®, VIMPAT®, CIMZIA®, NEUPRO® and wish to explore financial solutions and assistance please click the button below.

Medical and Product Info

Medical and Product Information

UCBCares is a team of knowledgeable and experienced healthcare providers (nurses and pharmacists) and customer service professionals who are specially trained on UCB products and related disease states. Click on this option/box, if you have any product related inquiries or solutions you are seeking or if you are experiencing any side effect or product quality issue.

Please submit your UCB product or service related question online. In addition to submitting questions via our online portal, you may also contact us directly toll free at 1-844-599-CARE (2273).


Clinical Trials

In the search to understand, prevent and treat disease and in the development of new drugs, clinical trials involving healthy volunteers and patients play an essential role. UCB is committed to sharing information on clinical trials and making study results publically accessible. Please visit for detailed information.


Clinical Trials

If you are a Patient

If you are a patient and are interested in participating in a UCB clinical trial, please visit and search for clinical trials that you may be interested in.

Once you have identified the UCB clinical trial you are interested in, please call UCBCares at 1-844-599-CARE (2273) with the following information:

  1. Drug Name
  2. National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number
  3. Study Location (City, State)
If you are a Physician

If you are a physician who is interested in becoming an investigator in a UCB-sponsored clinical trial, please visit and search for clinical trials that you may be interested in.

Once you have identified the UCB clinical trial you are interested in, please forward your CV, a brief description of your area of therapeutic specialty, and the National Clinical Trial (NCT) number of the particular study you are interested in (if applicable) to UCBCares:

By Email: By Fax:  1-770-970-8859             Attn: UCBCares 
By Mail:  1950 Lake Park Dr.
                Smyrna, GA 30080

UCB Educational Programs and Corporate Funding

At UCB we are committed to improving patients' lives and advancing scientific research and medical knowledge. We support a variety of initiatives through our external funding programs, including Donations, Grants, Investigator-Initiated Studies, and Sponsorships.

To learn about global opportunities, please click here to visit the global website.

MORE INFO about Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS)


UCB in the U.S. provides educational Grants for independent, accredited and non-accredited programs that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues and contribute to the enhancement of patient care. Symposia, grand rounds, and web-based educations activities are a few examples.

All programs must be non-promotional in nature and should be focused on healthcare professionals, patients and/or caregivers.

Areas of Interest
Ankylosing Spondylitis Parkinson's Disease
Crohn's Disease Psoriatic Arthritis
Epilepsy Rheumatoid Arthritis
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

FAQ and Instructions Please take a minute to read the FAQ and Instructions document before submitting your grant request. Changes in policy or guidance will be updated in this document, so please review it before each request.08-February-2016 | pdf file, 173 kb

Call for Grants/RFPs

No RFPs at this time.

Follow this link to submit a Grant request:

Investigator-Initiated Studies

The aim of the UCB Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) program is to support unsolicited, and independently initiated and conducted, studies that have the potential to enhance medical and scientific knowledge.

Therapeutic Areas of Interest

UCB is primarily focused on the following areas of therapeutic expertise (alphabetically listed):

Ankylosing Spondylitis Parkinson's Disease
Axial Spondyloarthritis Psoriatic Arthritis
Crohn's Disease Restless Legs Syndrome
Epilepsy Rheumatoid Arthritis
Low Bone Mass Disorder Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

UCB will also consider innovative ideas that enhance patient care and advance scientific knowledge.

UCB support may be provided in the form of funding and/or investigational drugs (product or compound manufactured/owned by UCB).

2015 - Month in Review Review Type Submission Due Date
January Concept 22 December 2014
February Concept 27 January 2015 (Immunology Only)
March Concept 27 February 2015
April Concept 23 March 2015 (Immunology Only)
May Concept 20 April 2015
June Concept 26 May 2015 (Immunology Only)
July Concept 24 June 2015
August Concept 27 July 2015 (Immunology Only)
September Concept 24 August 2015
October Concept 22 September 2015 (Immunology Only)
November Concept 26 October 2015
December Concept 24 November 2015 (Immunology Only)


Submitting a Concept

UCB is using the eRequest on-line submission portal to manage all Investigator-Initiated Study requests worldwide. To submit a concept, please click here:

If a concept is recommended for a full proposal submission, an IIS Team member will contact the applicant with instructions.

eRequest is available for IIS submissions worldwide.


You can contact your local UCB Medical Science Liaison or UCB Medical Affairs office in your country.

All IIS process queries should be sent to


As part of our commitment to patients and to further the understanding of severe diseases, UCB supports a number of online and social communities for patients and their families to connect to a variety of resources for support.  The following is a description of these resources.

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Click on the name to link to more information on the below listed products. For more information on any product you do not see listed, please contact UCBCares toll free at 1-844-599-CARE (2273), or you may also submit questions online.